Those grants are awarded in science fields for engineers (orbital systems, space transport systems) and sciences using space assets (Universe science, Earth science, Microgravity science) to young French and foreign scientists interested in space activities


PhD contracts to prepare a university PhD in a research laboratory in France : university applicants and college or engineer school graduates have to hold a master delivered by a university or a diploma which allow them to start a PhD according to the Doctoral School.

Post-doctoral contracts granted for a research job at CNES or at a laboratory in France : applicants have to hold a doctorate or an equivalent before starting the contract. Applications of researchers who have already benefited from a PhD contract co-financed by CNES are not admissible.


PhD contracts are necessarily co-financed (half-and-half) by a partner (public organization, industrialist, region, etc.) thanks to a Uniform Agreement of co-financing :

– the duration of those contracts is limited to one year, renewable twice

– the implementation of co-financed contracts is contingent upon the previous signature of a co-financing convention with the partner and the host laboratory

– the placing of co-sponsored contracts is dependent on the prior signing of a co-financing agreement with the partner and host laboratory. Contracts may start in October. Download the CNES co-financing document of a doctoral research grant (pdf – 53.12 Ko)

Post-PhD contracts are entirely financed by CNES (however they may be co-financed) :
  •  the duration of those contracts is limited to one year, renewable once ;
  • monthly gross salary for a post-doctoral grant : € 2331
  • contracts starts in December at the latest.


Every year, the call for applications is open from January to March 31st.
After consulting imperatively the subject/thematic leader, duly completed and signed, application shall be submitted online CNES website, Jobs offers, Doctorate/Post-doctorate, software application shown on the description sheet for each subject. Only the applicants for a post-doctoral grant will be invited for an interview in April/May.  Juries selection will meet in May.
Dissemination of results will be done individually after the grant committee in mid-June.
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